Welcome to the World of Riva!

Here at Riva, we specialise in innovative and unique environmental solutions to address:

  •  Wasteful water & energy consumption
  •  Excessive carbon generation
  •  Global landfill issues
  •  Unnecessary expense

Our developments can be adopted very easily in most countries around the world, providing immediate and substantial increases in efficiency. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary waste and spiraling costs wherever and whenever possible while always striving for the simplest and most economical solution.

Whether you feel we could be of direct benefit to your organisation, or perhaps to your own clients and customers, why not find out what we can do?

Riva – Real World Solutions to Modern World Problems!

Bio Ball and Holster High Res-6 (2)


Filtration Program Ad


* Based on transient water wastage and the proportion of energy and carbon relating to it.

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