About Us


We must all become more aware of the environmental impact our business activities are having. Thankfully, more and more organisations around the world now maintain an increased focus on corporate social responsibility.

At Riva we try not to simply develop a customer/supplier relationship but prefer to establish an understanding of trust through partnership in a very real sense. We are constantly driven to improve our business ethics, which is why we are continuously seeking to find new ways of improving our own and our Partners’ approach to social responsibility. After all, we believe we are all in search of the same goal.

Ecological and sustainable products are becoming the natural choice for most individuals, with this now extending very much into the business arena. It is Riva’s policy to recommend only sustainable solutions to our Partners in order to ensure minimum environmental impact.

At Riva, not only is the environment a constant influence on our solutions-lead ethos, but the very reason for our existence. We are determined, within both active projects and future developments, to create a sustainable and healthy environment not only for today but for future generations.

We Are All Responsible.


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