Bio Ball

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Meet Bio Ball!

Bio Ball is the new way to save money on your urinals by drastically reducing the amount of flushing required.

The savings are achieved by taking the amount of flushing required to just 2 per day. It has a fresh minty odour which is activated with a very small amount of water.

Not only does it smell great and save you water, but it also cleans the parts of the urinal you can see AND the pipes that you can’t!

The unique design of Bio Ball allows it to fit all types of urinal, either with the packaged “lollipop stick” which allows the bio ball to stand on top of the waste outlet, the specially designed “holster” which has 3 suction pads so it can be attached to the back wall of either ceramic or metal urinals while holding onto the Bio Ball and prolonging it’s working life or simply just drop it in to the urinal.