We must all become more aware of the environmental impact our businesses have, with many organisations having an increased focus on corporate social responsibility. At Riva, we are constantly striving to improve our business ethics which is why we are continuously seeking to find new ways of improving our own and our customers’ approach to social responsibility.

Ecological and sustainable products are becoming the natural choice for more and more individuals, with this now extending very much into the business arena. It is Riva’s policy to offer only sustainable solutions to our customers in order to ensure minimum environmental impact.

At Riva, not only is the environment a constant influence in our solutions-lead structure, but the very reason for our existence. We are constantly striving, within both current projects and future developments, to create a sustainable and healthy environment not only for today but for future generations.


Rain Water Harvesting

Hydrotec 3G


Cool Water Diverter Valve

New Wave Filtration Program

Environmental Control Films

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