Hydrotec 3G


Hydrotec 3G is a unique formula used for surface renovation and protection that is environmentally 
friendly and reduces maintenance and labour costs while making surfaces virtually like new again. 
It is perfect for:

• Buildings

• Rail, marine and air

• Safety and security equipment

Not only does this formula provide a deep clean, removing ingrained grime that may have built up over many years, but it also forms a protective shield helping to stop future build-up by preventing anything adhering to the surface.

Although the Hydrotec 3G range provides a very quick return on investment by reducing maintenance, labour, water, energy and chemical cleaning costs, in many cases by significant amounts, it has been deliberately formulated to be kind to the planet.

Hydrotec 3G is already in use in many countries around the world and has full COSHH Certification. There is a perfect Hydrotec 3G formula for most surfaces, why not find out which one is right for you?

Download the Riva Hydrotec 3G Brochure

Hydrotec Before After 2

Hydrotec Before After 3

Hydrotec Before After

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