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The quality of water in a swimming pool is a direct indication of how the filtration and water treatment system is performing. If the filtration system is not backwashed efficiently, the amount of water used for this process will be significantly higher than if the filter design is optimised.

When a filtration system is backwashed, the water is pushed up the filter from the laterals located in the bottom of the filter. Traditional designs call for the use of filter media agitation when backwashing; this is achieved by the use of air scouring, which is introduced during the backwashing process.  Unfortunately, air scouring provides the operator with an inefficient and often ineffective method of backwashing.

Unique Secondary Filter Laterals can be installed from new or retro fitted to existing pool filters to considerably improve filtration washing.  The system consists of a further set of laterals positioned towards the top of the filter bed. This secondary set is only used during backwashing and, in effect, recreates the agitation in the top 300mm of sand, which is traditionally achieved by the introduction of air into the system.

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